Sock Challenge 2021

In the Sock Challenge 2021 campaign, we discussed several areas in which people with Down syndrome and their families have the biggest problems:

  •  When announcing the diagnosis before or after the birth of a child with Down syndrome.
  •  When accepting a child with Down syndrome into the family.
  •  Acceptance of a person with Down syndrome into the society.
  •  When admitting children with Down syndrome to kindergarten, primary, secondary school, or vocational school.
  •  When hiring an adult with Down syndrome.
  •  Acceptance of old age and declining years of people with Down syndrome.

Our goal was to remove barriers and prejudices and help integrate people with Down syndrome into mainstream society.

Dedoles donated €25,552.90 to Down Syndrome International, the European Down Syndrome Association, the Slovakian Down Syndrome Association, and DownSyndrom CZ.

We provided material assistance of 300 pairs of Dedoles socks to 11 organisations supporting people with Down syndrome.

This website has been shut down.

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