Size Charts

Are the size charts identical for all the products of the same cut?

They are not. Because we want to keep our offer as wide as possible, you can find products with different cuts from different producers on our website, such as The Mountain, Spiral Direct, Lazy One, Mr. Gugu and Miss Go, and many more. This variety of our portfolio also means different size charts for most of the products. You can easily find the size chart directly on the page of a particular product.

How do I find the size chart?

It's really easy! Pick any Dedoles product and follow the instructions below.

1. Open the product that you're interested in - for example Women's Briefs Panda.

2. Click on the measuring tape symbol located to the right of the size selection button.

3. A size chart of the product including all the necessary information will then pop up.


Can I return the product ?

Of course, if the product doesn't fit you, you can return it.

If you wear size S, you can also consider buying kids’ size (kids’ collection can be found here).

Example of product: Women's Briefs Panda