Round your purchase and become a fighter against coronavirus!

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the world's highest public health authority with 194 member countries. In order to make the fight against coronavirus pandemic more effective, it created the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

It collects donations from individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses and uses them for activities such as:

  • creation of coronavirus test stocks
  • the purchase of protective equipment for vulnerable patients and health professionals
  • care of the most vulnerable, including the establishment of intensive care units
  • global coordination of research and development of life-saving products
  • informing the world public based on clear data
  • promoting transparent communication so that people can protect themselves in the best way

We have decided to support this initiative.

How will it work?

Dedoles operates in 10 European countries. We have decided to redirect all the funds we collect through Dedoles change to the WHO fund. In addition to our customers, we will also contribute. Dedoles doubles all customer contributions up to £ 9,000.

We will keep you informed about the amount collected. Thank you and we can do it together!

You want to contribute directly to the World Health Organization?