Dedoles change

Under normal circumstances, you can contribute to tree planting. Due to the current situation, however, we have decided to temporarily change the purpose of our fundraising, and 100% of the money raised from 1 November to 31 December 2020 will be given to UNICEF to combat child malnutrition. More information 

Due to the situation during the coronavirus pandemic, from March 16 to May 31, we temporarily changed the purpose of our collection to support the World Health Organization (WHO) fund to make the fight against the pandemic more effective. Together we contributed £ 51,274.47. Thank you very much.

How can I help?

 Contribute through Dedoles change. For each purchase at Dedoles, you can voluntarily round the value of your order to the nearest pound in the final step of the order. All the money to the last cent will go to planting trees.

Tree planting to which you contribute with your purchase takes place regularly.
You can read about how Dedoles forest is doing at: