Competition: 5 golden socks

How do I join?

All you have to do is order at least 1 pair of Good Mood Socks and you're in the game. If you find a hidden golden sock in your package, you win 50 pairs of socks.


We will give up to 5 golden socks in our orders, so we will give away up to 250 pairs of Goos Mood Socks all together.

*The golden sock can be found in the Dedoles package by five competitors. The golden sock will be randomly placed in five packages with good mood socks, which will be ordered between 1 May and 31 May 2020. If you find a golden sock in the good mood order, write us at and attach a special code that will be delivered to you together with a sock. You can find the general status of the competition on this link.

We would like to announce the names of winners who won 50 pairs of Good Mood Socks:

1st winner is: Iren P. - Š. (20445762) 
2nd winner is: Lenka R. (20447808)
3rd winner is: Karin L. (20448548)
4rd winner is: Dorota Ż (20454223)
5th winner is: Inna D. (20453159)